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Who We Are

Knightingale Homes is a family business run by Doug and Krista Nachtigal. Doug learned the rare art of stick framing from working beside his father. His over 30 years experience encompasses drafting, cribbing, electrical, plumbing, dry walling, painting, roofing and concrete. He has a remarkable ability to visualize a completed structure before the first spade of dirt is moved. Doug is a mountain mover with a deep appreciation for the mountain!

Doug’s wife, Krista, is the designer in the partnership. A keen eye for form and function and a gift for combining colours and textures work to create an environment that fits naturally with the surroundings. Krista strives to bring a sense of tranquility and warmth that will make you feel at home from the first time you turn the key in the lock.

Where We Build

We are based in beautiful Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. This makes us ideally situated to build anywhere in the central and south parts of Vancouver Island. We like to build where we live!

People these days want a balance between privacy and community. We build houses to fit naturally into the surroundings you choose to live in. Even a secluded setting has neighbours, if only the four-legged variety! Your abode, while providing you a haven of rest and tranquility, is designed to be at peace with those around you.

~ Krista Nachtigal

Building is Our Heritage

You can tell right away: building homes has been in our family for generations! You can see it in the little things. Our tradition of not rushing ensures that every phase from the foundation to the roof is done right. Long after you are settled in you will continue to be delighted by our fussy attention to detail and elegance in design.

Homes Built to Last

There are no shortcuts to your peace of mind. You need the assurance of a builder who knows his trades. My extensive experience working as a tradesman reflects a strong ability to communicate and work with my contractors. My impeccably high standards means I won’t expect you to move into a house I would be less than totally happy in. That’s my personal guarantee. Let me build your home!

~ Doug Nachtigal

Committment to Relationships

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and you want a builder you can trust. At Knightingale Homes we take as much pride in the relationships we have developed as the properties themselves. When you move into one of our homes you are moving into a neighbourhood that’s ready for you. We’ve already made friends with your neighbours. The way we see it, the house warming party begins when we break ground!